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This is a life-changing group for parents walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage. Parents will gain hope that they can co-parent even if their couples' relationship failed to continue. This seminar gives insight to divorced parents who are raising children between two homes, both in single parent families and in stepparent families. Learn strategies for co-parent communication, planning for holidays, helping your children cope with divorce and much more!

The 10 week seminar features nationally accredited authors, counselors and leaders, parenting experts and everyday co-parents who are currently on the journey. There are breakout segments that include information for specific developmental stages (toddler, school age, teenage and adult). Discussions from actual children of divorce and adult children of divorce are included as well as role-playing examples that help parents understand life from the child’s perspective.

Each attendee will receive a workbook that includes areas for note taking as well as extensive information and resources that reinforce the topics of discussion


-from Co-Parenting Works! Helping Your Children Thrive After Divorce by Tammy Daughtry

  1. Don’t say mean things about my other parent. I want and need to love you both!
  2. When you criticize my other parent, it makes me angry at YOU!
  3. Don’t make me pick who I want to spend time with—it’s not fair and I will get hurt if you do that. And don’t “keep track” of my time like I’m “on the clock.” It can’t always be 100% fair. Please just love me when we are together and don’t make me feel bad about not spending the same amount of time with each of you.
  4. Handle your financial conversations in private. I don’t want to hear about it, and I don’t want to be your messenger.
  5. Don’t use money to win my love. Be a stable and loving parent,and I will love you no matter who has the “most”money.
  6. Don’t keep me from seeing the other parent; if you do, I’ll grow up to resent you.
  7. Get a counselor to help you with your problems. I need you to be strong and stable for my well-being. I don’t want to hear about your dating and your disappointments. I don’t want to hear about your problems at work or how much we are struggling financially. Talk to someone else. I need you to be my parent and mentor and lead me in the way you want me to grow up. Don’t make me be YOUR parent.
  8. The harder you make it on my other parent, the harder you are making it on me.
  9. Laugh and smile! I want to enjoy my life and your mood impacts my mood. Find a way to be happy and enjoy your life. I need to have fun and enjoyable memories with you.
  10. Don’t forget—I have a divided heart now. I live between two completely different houses, rules, traditions and attitudes. Be patient with me when I forget things or need some time to adjust from house to house. Please buy me enough stuff that I don’t have to live out of a suitcase my whole life. If you want me to feel “at home” in both places,please set up a full home for me, even if I am only there a few days a month. Things like tooth brushes, shoes,clothes, my favorite cereal, and having cool decor in my room—these all help me feel welcomed and at home in both homes. Don’t compete or argue about these things,just help me not have to feel like a visitor when I am with either parent. Make it as easy on ME as possible!

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