The Seven principles for making marriage work

You Will Learn How To:

  • Improve and foster friendship, respect, affection and admiration
  • Build and share a deeper connection with each other
  • Manage conflict constructively and respectfully
  • Gain skills to address perpetual and solvable conflict
  • Maintain the gains in your relationship throughout a lifetime
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bringing baby home workshop

Parents Learn to:

  • Increase friendship in their relationship
  • Deal effectively with conflict
  • Keep dads involved in infant care and parenting
  • Improve the quality of parent–infant interaction
  • Recognize the psychological and emotional needs of their child
  • Parent together effectively
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one heart two homes group

This is a life-changing group for parents walking the complex path of co-parenting after divorce and in remarriage. The 10 week seminar features nationally accredited authors, counselors and leaders, parenting experts and everyday co-parents who are currently on the journey. There are breakout segments that include information for specific developmental stages (toddler, school age, teenage and adult). Discussions from children of divorce and adult children of divorce are included as well as role-playing examples that help parents understand life from the child’s perspective.

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